Pure Innovations

Display Units get a Premium Upgrade

Free-standing display units make up a huge part of retail displays. Most stores around the UK, and even across the world, use point-of-sale display to help direct customers’ attention to a particular area of a store. Free-standing display units are a great way of making the most out of a new launch, or even just to promote a bestselling product.

Pure Innovations have worked with a range of brands, from household names like Morrisons and L’Oréal, to high end brands like Infinity & Co. So, when fashion giant Givenchy needed help creating a series of free-standing display units for their fragrances, Pure Innovations knew they could deliver.

With the Givenchy brand being synonymous with luxury and high fashion, it was important that the free-standing displays reflected this. To ensure the units were of premium quality, Pure Innovations left no stone unturned.

To begin with, all CAD and R&D was undertaken by Pure Innovations, allowing the team a high level of creative control when designing the units. After the research and design was completed, the team then wrapped the units in vinyl to brand them. A range of techniques, including mirror effects and metallic vinyl, were used across the units, to help text and specific display features stand out, and each unit was hand-finished to ensure optimum quality and feel was achieved.

To add to the premium feel of the fragrance units, Pure Innovations even specially sourced metallic thread to incorporate into some of the displays. Pure Innovations also focused on creating the perfect platform for the fragrance bottle to stand on. Clear acrylic was etched, routed and flame polished to create unique glass-like plinths for the bottles to rest on. This small but bespoke detail really helped to give the free-standing display units a premium feel.