Pure Innovations

Four Wheels or Two?

Pure Innovations have worked with companies in the automotive industry for years. Creating show-stopping, professional (and in some cases, downright huge) displays, is something Pure Innovations is renowned for. Having worked long term with brands like Ford, when world-class motorbike manufacturers, Kawasaki, approached us to create a life-sized version of one of their bikes, Pure Innovations knew they could take on the challenge.

To complete this project to their usual high standard, Pure Innovations knew the majority of the work would be focused on research and development. Therefore, the team at Pure Innovations used CAD to set about designing a full-sized Kawasaki from scratch. By spending the time and focusing on making sure the fine details were correct from the start, Pure Innovations were able to ensure the final product was accurate, detailed and almost as impressive as the real bike!

As well as being accurate and truly a showpiece at events, exhibitions or in store, the life-sized model of the Kawasaki was made entirely out of recyclable corrugated card, helping to reduce unnecessary waste, and improve the sustainability of the brand.

So whether your company rolls on four wheels, two wheels, or none at all, Pure Innovations can help your brand go one step further in creating spectacular displays for any purpose.