Pure Innovations

Furniture, but not as you know it.

At Pure Innovations, we’re no strangers to creating almost everything and anything for our clients.

We use cardboard, Re-board, acrylic, paper, wood, LEDs, vinyl and even concrete to create displays, free-standing units, signage and even exhibition pieces for our clients. From 20-foot high lettering, to giant cardboard dragons, to Dracula himself, we’ve done it all.

As we’re renowned for our prowess in cardboard engineering, we were challenged to create lifelike furniture for a high-street retail establishment. The furniture had to be fully life-sized and look realistic but reap the benefits of being made from Re-board.

Pure Innovations began by using CAD to design all of the furniture items. After spending time perfecting the furniture through R&D, Pure Innovations then developed and manufactured the furniture out of 100% Re-board, making it durable yet light enough to be moved around the shop floor simply. Everything the display was made from (except the handles!) was made from Re-board, making this retail display another triumph for the cardboard engineering department here at Pure Innovations.

Whether you need a simple sign, or something a little more avant-garde, Pure Innovations has the knowledge, skill, and experience to ensure your project is a success.