Pure Innovations


At PURE Innovations everything we do with personal data will be done lawfully, and with a fair and transparent manner. This is to comply with the privacy law that came into effect on 25th May 2018.

These new laws are a huge positive step in controlling the use of your personal data, and here at Pure Innovations we are committed to ensuring the on-going protection of the data, and have not, and will not, ever sell or use any data in an unauthorised way.

Any personal data will be collected only after permission is given to do so, including personal data of employees. Permission will be sought for any personal data collection; purpose limitations are set and re-consent for additional use will be sought. Data will be collected on a need to know basis and is audited annually. All data is recorded correctly, accurately and subject to storage limitations. When employee data is no longer required it will be deleted and any paper copies securely destroyed. Retention periods are set and detailed in the company management system.

If any clients are on our mailing list they will occasionally receive information on new, exciting products and important company news. Our policy to only send material that we feel would be of genuine interest to them, however if they prefer not to receive these updates they have the right to withdraw consent at any time via email or direct correspondence to the company address.