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POS displays

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the importance of going the extra mile with visual merchandising in-store, and another key branch of this is Point of Sale (POS). POS displays are used to encourage impulse buys at the checkout and to alert shoppers to promotions, offers and new products.

It’s been reported that almost 60% of customers decide in-store which brand of soft drink they buy, and around 20% will impulse buy from a category they had no intention of before, so competing with eye-catching POS graphics and designs should be a priority for any brand.

Our creative team at Pure Innovations spend their days producing innovative solutions that deliver results. We know what consumers want and we’re experts in producing functional displays to drive sales with the use of cardboard, acrylic, LED’s and digital displays.

The Pure Innovations team will work with you to design and create an engaging display which will reinforce the excellence of your products to associate your brand with quality and lead to improved customer perception.

From golf clubs, to perfume bottles, we’re no strangers to exploring innovative solutions for a wide variety of household names to ensure their POS is effective in showcasing their brand.

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