Pure Innovations

Pure Innovations brush up Fudge display

Looking for a display to echo their innovative yet effortless hair care brand, Fudge challenged Pure Innovations to create a permanent display for their hair brushes.

With such a broad specification, and bearing their cult hair brand in mind, Pure Innovations set out to create a stand that speaks volumes amongst mainstream brands.

Known for their professional heritage, Fudge collaborate with the biggest names in music, fashion and the arts and have an enviable portfolio of inspirational global shows. They’re renowned for being memorable and so Pure Innovations designed a stand that is bold and instantly recognisable – a stand contoured to mimic the Fudge logo.

Using heat bent acrylic, the basic logo shape was developed to create the overall display shape. Pure Innovations then routed out the acrylic to give a smooth glass-like edge which provided contrast to the orange tones and helped translate the ‘bold at heart’ ethos.

Screen printed vinyl, which strictly adhered to brand guidelines, was then applied. The timeless design of this vinyl was a conscious choice, to ensure that the stand could be kept as a permanent display to hold Fudge Hair Brushes.

Overall, the project was a great success and provided the hair care brand with a long-lasting permanent display for an essential piece of equipment so if you’re looking to brush up on your displays or are seeking an innovative POS idea, Pure Innovations can help.