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Visual Merchandising – Cardboard Engineering

Visual Merchandising has been a big part of retail since the nineteenth century. From store windows, to interior store design, attracting customers to your store, or a particular area of your store through visual merchandising has been used throughout retail for many years.

Since the rise of online shopping, the strain on the high street has increased year on year. With a lower overall footfall, ensuring your business attracts the right people every day is key to success. One of the most tried and tested means of doing this, is through visual merchandising. However, visual merchandising itself has changed over the years, gone are the days of simple signage, companies need to go the extra mile – creating store displays that are bigger, better and more dramatic.

At Pure Innovations, we’re no strangers to pushing the boundaries when it comes to visual merchandising and our cardboard engineering department is second to none. From life-sized Kawasaki motorbikes, to 6-foot long Christmas crackers, we’ve thought up, designed and then built it all.

Having worked with brands including Vodafone, Morrisons, Iceland and Matalan, Pure Innovations have had the opportunity to create a huge range of eye-catching creative point-of-purchase displays, as well as window displays, presentation boxes and interior and exterior signage.

Pure Innovations have even won awards for our seasonal visual merchandising, in 2017, our hard work was recognised by prestigious Point-Of-Purchase industry association, POPAI. Our work for Vodafone was awarded gold at the ceremony in London.

We use a real mix of materials to create show-stopping final products for our customers. We’ve used LEDs, display board, Mirri board, glitter, ribbons, and vinyl, to name just some! So, whether you need a huge dragon, some free-standing pumpkins, or just want to pick our brains, the Pure Innovations cardboard engineering team are here to help.