Pure Innovations

Window and Retail Displays

Visual merchandising plays a huge role in attracting customers to a store. From interior displays and store layout, to point of purchase displays and window displays, visual merchandising encompasses a huge range of techniques used to draw consumers to a particular store.

As the number of high street shoppers continue to dwindle as online retail grows (with some reports showing high street shoppers down as much as 10% in one year), the competition to draw in the remaining shoppers has increased hugely. How can your business be in with the best chance of winning the buyers’ hard-earned cash? Ensure your company’s window display (and subsequent visual merchandising) stands out from the crowd.

As window displays come in all shapes and sizes, making sure your display matches the tone of your brand whilst making the most out of the space you have available can be a real challenge. At Pure Innovations, we’ve worked with a range of brands, from high street fashion retailers, to experts in outdoor and mountain sports, to create window displays that catch the attention of even the most distracted shopper.

Whether you’ve got a specific idea for your window, but don’t know how to make it a reality, or you just don’t know where to start, Pure Innovations can help. As a full production house, Pure Innovations are able to provide a whole range of services (everything from CAD design, to acrylic fabrication, to installation and store trials), allowing us to create you the eye-catching window display that your business needs.